Ceremony helps us to bring the Sacred into everyday living, as we take time to connect with Spirit. 

Through ceremony & ritual:

  • We initiate and honor the changes in our lives.
  • We realize our place in the web of life, receive assistance,are heard,are healed,are empowered.
  • Clarity and focus are brought into a chaotic time.
  • Families and groups experience a deeply unifying effect, creating common ground upon which to build the future.
  • Children are empowered with a real life tool to use in their lives as they grow. 
  • We reclaim traditions that have gone “flat” or establish a new tradition altogether. 
We believe:

* Every moment and 
  every being is sacred.

* In each person's ability
  to access the Divine.

* Ritual & ceremony can
  enhance this ability,  
  bringing one fully
  present into the
  subtleties of life's
Together, our imaginations are unlimited!